Useful URL:
Nomi Desings:
They have a lot of open source designs and pcb with some code examples.  Some neat arduino projects, arm and more
every one know adafruit but I thought I is worth a mention.  This is a similar site it has some projects again and a store you can buy project kits tutorial and lots more.  If you have never been you should go have a look


Every one needs a good C programing book

C Programming Language (2nd Edition)

C Programming Language (2nd Edition)
data sheet:
User ref:
Other good tutorials:

MSP430 resource and some good information in the other microcontroller section

this site has all sorts of arduino projects and boards.  He sells lots of arduino kits too.  He is a local from where I live.  take a look

An other robot invetor from my home town.  He has made lots of neat robots.  some automated RC Cars to line following robots and quadrocopters.  check it out!