Tuesday, August 9, 2011

STM32 Gets wireless

It's been a while since I have posted any thing.  I have been very busy with the family and work and did not have much time.  Also babies are very time consuming.  I will be posting about the ADC and the DAC for the Stm32 In a few weeks since things are finally starting to settle down.

The ARM STM32 now has an affordable wireless family.  It works on 802.11.4.  This is the same as zigbee.  A lot more external components are needed for it to work than you typical UC but its not too bad.

The team at Nomi Design are all ready doing some open source development for it.  They have a PCB design for this Arm chip and are Porting Contiki as their RTOS (Real Time Operation System).  Their final product is planed to be an arduino compatible or a standalone component that can send data threw ethernet, IVP4, IPV6, zigbee, mifi or what ever protocol you can think of.  A cheap and sweet way to get your arduino wireless. If you want more details visit their web site http://nomidesign.net.

The beauty with these is that you should be able to port your current project over and they are now wireless.  I will be working with these for the next little while.  I will be posting articles on how to get it going as soon as I get it my self. I can post schematics, but the guys at Nomi Design would probably have a much better board.

If you want to read up on this ARM chip take a look at ST's website